Notice to all Salt Lake County Mainframe Users:

The Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office will cease to update RX screens associated with recorded documents as of June 9th, 2017.

The information found on these screens will be updated for documents recorded through June 2nd ,2017.

These screens include but are not limited to:RXEN, RXPN, RXAB and RXPS.

We will be changing our systems in ways which will make it easier and more reliable to use document and data searches on the Recorder’s website. At present, recording data is entered in the county mainframe and the data is then uploaded once per week to the website. After the changes have been completed, website searches will be pointing to a live database, so that once a technician in the Recorder’s office has marked a document as complete, the record will be immediately available on the website. At the end of each day, the Recorder’s data will be uploaded to the county mainframe (for VTDI and VTRU). After the changes are complete the website will become the primary source of data and the mainframe will be a secondary or fallback source.

The data will be immediately available on the website. The content of the website will not be reduced, but the information will be updated and visible to users more quickly. We will also be able to begin adding new searches to the Recorder’s website very soon, including searches for Liens and Leases and a Parcel History search. We appreciate your patience through this transition. It is our goal to provide your recording data as quickly and accurately as possible.

Please contact the Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office at: with questions.