Recording Requirements and Fees:                                                          
  Note : The Recorder's office does not accept credit cards.
           All payments must be made by cash or check.
Download Copy: You may download a pdf copy of these requirements.
Formatting and Content Requirements: A 4 1/4" by 3" blank space is required on the first page of each recorded document in the upper right corner.

A legal description and a parcel identification number are required on all recorded documents.

Common document errors:
  • Missing legal description
  • Missing parcel identification number
  • Incorrect fee
  • Grantor's signature different than typed name
  • Missing grantee address
  • Missing document return address
  • Illegible documents
  • Inadequate space for recorder's stamp (4 1/4" x 3" in upper right corner of first page of document)
Document Recording Fees: First page: $10.00

Additional page(s): $2.00

Additional Parcel(s): $1.00

Rights-of-way: $1.00

Additional name (more than two signers): $1.00
Subdivision and Condominium Maps Recording Fees: Each sheet $30.00

Each lot or unit designation: $1.00
Mining Location Notice of Proof of Labor Recording Fees: First page: $10.00

Additional page(s): $2.00

Additional claim(s): $1.00

Rights-of-way: $1.00

Additional name (more than two signers): $1.00

Certified and Standard Copies: Recorded documents: $2.00/page

Ownership & description: $1.00/page

Lined parcel plat or subdivision: $5.00

Lined parcel plat or subdivision (electronic TIFF format): $5.00

Certification of documents: additional $5.00

GIS Map Copies and Electronic Data: Lined paper copy: $2.00

Property owner mailing list (sticky label sheet): $3.00

Property owner mailing list (plain paper sheet): $1.00

Custom map projects: $75.00/hour and $5.00/square foot

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