System Requirements                                                                        
Internet Service: Each user must have access to the Internet through their own Internet Service Provider (ISP). Recorded information is made available by our office; however, retrieval of such information is the sole responsibility of the user.

A quality ISP can make a significant difference in the user's ability to access and download information.
Hardware Requirments: A Personal Computer (PC) with the following configuration is recommended or required. Hardware requirements are highly dependent on the user's operating system and may be dramatically different than the following recommendations:
  • Any CPU processor (266 Mhz or faster) recommended
  • 1GB memory minimum (2GB-4GB recommended)
  • 56 kbps modem minimum connection speed or
  • High-speed Internet connection recommended.
Software Requirements: The Recorder's Office attempts to provide the highest level of application functionality to the largest number of users. In order to provide added capabilities requested by users, some of the software requirements have changed from previous versions of this site:
  • Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7 recommended
  • Viewable with Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (Macintosh) browser capabilities
  • Java-enabled browser capabilities for mainframe access
  • Tiff viewer plug-in required for viewing document images and plats
Java Update: To download the latest version Java enhancements, click here.

"Free Java download Version 8 Update 66" page will appear and click the red button: "Agree and Start Free download", Java will download the Version 8 Update 66 into your computer.
For more information "How do I install Java online for the Internet Explorer, click here.
More information about installing Java for other browsers : Chrome; Firefox; Safari.
User ID and Password: Each user will receive a unique User ID and password when he or she has signed up. The User ID and password will allow the user to enter all Salt Lake County Recorder's database sources discussed in the Users' Guide. If you have not yet signed up and received your ID and password, please contact Data Services.