Viewing Documents                                                                                        
Document Search Page: 1.   From the menu bar at the top of any recorder's office page, mouse-over the Data       Searches, then select one of the Data Searches in the menu
2.   You will be asked to enter your User ID and Password. (The password is the original       password that was issued from Data Services, i.e. xx999.)
3.   A new screen will appear with a drop-down menu and a text box. From the       drop-down menu choose the information type (document number, parcel number,       document book & page, recorded date, name of first party, name of second party,       or subdivision) that you want to use to search for a document.
4.   If more than one document satisfies your search criteria, a table of information will       be returned which gives summary information concerning each document.
5.   Enter the information into the text box, and either hit the Enter key or click on the       Find button
  • You may sort the list by clicking on the heading of a column. Click once for ascending (A-Z, 0-9) and a second time for descending (Z-A, 9-0).
  • If there is more than one page of information then there will be page numbers at the top and bottom of the table, which you may click to move between pages.
  • You may click on any of the links in the table to search further, based on the linked information.
  • Document: This link will take you to the document details page, which has detailed abstract information concerning the selected document and additional links which you may use to view the actual document. (See below.)
  • Parcel: This link will take you to the parcel details page, which shows ownership information, legal descriptions and building and land information for the particular parcel.
  • Recorded Date: This link will show the document search page, with a list of all documents recorded on the selected date.
  • First Party: This link will show the document search page, with a list of documents which show the selected name as first party.
  • Second Party: This link will show the document search page, with a list of documents which show the selected name as second party.
Document Details Page: 1.    If only one document matches your original search criteria, you will be taken to        directly the document details page. Otherwise, you may reach the document        details page by clicking on a link to a document number in the displayed list.
2.    If the document is recent enough, a list with an abstract of the document will        appear. Below the abstract will be one or more numbered links, a button which says
       Multi-page Image , and a button which says View Thumbnails.
  • If you know which pages you need, you may select any of them by clicking on the numbered links. Using this method, you will be charged only for the pages which you actually display.
  • If you click on Multi-page Image, you will download the entire document to your computer and will be charged for all of the pages in the document.
  • If you click on the View Thumbnails button, you will be shown small pictures of all of the pages in the document, to assist you in deciding which pages you want to view. However, you will not be charged for a page until you click on a thumbnail to view the large version, and you will be charged only for the pages that you view in large size.
3.   All of the viewable images will be in .tiff format. If you do not have a plug-in to view       tiff images you will need to install one. A viewer which is used in the Recorder's       office is Brava! Reader by Informative Graphics, It's free. Any device that will display       .tiff images will be suitable.

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